ALVIVA supplies original and custom workwear as well as offers design and sewing services. We guarantee quick product turnover by ensuring speedy production and providing high-demand products to each market.
Custom production

We sew workwear following client specifications with their provided materials. We cut, sew and adjust each product to meet the strictest quality requirements set by our clients.

Original collection

We create original clothing and supply it to distributors, always ensuring immediate reaction to changes and swift stock replenishment. We guarantee that any product from our catalogue will always be available regardless of changes in demand.

Latest technologies

Our aim is to be one of Europe’s leading companies in our product category. We continually invest in new technologies to ensure that our products meet and exceed the growing expectations of our customers.

Our position in the supply chain

Make-To-Order / Customized product production60%
Make-To-Stock / Original product production according to demand40%

The clothing market is particularly dynamic, and the product life cycle particularly short. We are able to react swiftly to changing customer demands by taking up a crucial role in every part of the supply chain.

We are accustomed to work with both MTO (Make-To-Order) and MTS (Make-To-Stock). Our clients are leading brands that entrust us with the manufacture of popular workwear as well as distributors of medical products, workwear and work equipment that have included ALVIVA’s original products in their stock.

Our services


All you need is a vision – leave it to us to make it a reality. Our designers and constructors will help you create your dream product.

Construction services

The company offers construction services to meet the individual needs of every client.

Preparing technical documentation

Our specialists-constructors prepare technical documentation for the product, which is later used as a production record.

Making primary samples

Primary samples are created in several stages. First, pre-production samples are created and sent to the client. Then the samples are approved or changed to suit the client’s needs.

Quality control

Quality control begins with inspection of the material. Other inspections are carried out after every operation of the production process. The completed product is subjected to the final quality check and is exported only afterwards.

Recommending and ordering fittings and other component parts

In accordance with the client’s individual needs, we can recommend and order materials necessary to manufacture the product. We also make deposits and offer material administration and storage services.